Paris Trips

Chef Marcus made his first trip to France in 1988. Since then, he has visited France 21 times with visits to Lyon, Monte Carlo, Strasburg, Burgundy, Beaune, Champagne and Paris. He has eaten at over 60 different Michelin 3 star restaurants in France. He has eaten at every 3 star restaurant in France, except 3, since 1988. In addition, he has worked at Taillevent, Carre des Feuillants, and Ledoyen restaurants and attended the Lenotre Pastry School twice.

Paris Bridge


In 2005, he decided to take a group of travelers with him. He wanted the trip to cover three objectives each day. Each day the group goes sight seeing, visiting museums or historical sights, eats at a great restaurant and visits a food related sight. The group goes to food shops, wine stores, cheese shops, wine cellars, specialty food stores, fruit and vegetable markets, cooking and equipment stores.

Marcus keeps the trip affordable by making all the arrangements and leading the group as the tour guide while on the trip. In 2004, a travel agent priced the trip and its agenda at $7500. (That’s $9000 in today’s money) The trip is presently priced at under $4000. The trip is designed by a chef for individuals who appreciate great food and wine. Paris is a food lovers’ paradise.

Paris is considered one of the epicenters of cuisine around the world. France has the most Michelin Guide rated restaurants of any country in the world. In addition, Paris has the most one, two and three starred restaurants of any city in Europe. Most of the prominent chefs around the world are either French trained or have a knowledgeable understanding of their cooking techniques.This trip was developed to expose the traveler to roots of French cuisine.

Arc de TriompheNotre Dame Cathedral


  • To be exposed to a culture that revolves around food, wine and the arts and to experience French cafes, brasseries, bistros, and Michelin Guide rated restaurants.
  • To see French markets – fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and fish as well as be exposed to pastry, bread, chocolate, cheese, food equipment, specialty, knife and wine shops.
  • To experience the French way of life and the Metro transit system.
  • An opportunity to try new and classic food preparations in the appropriate venue.
  • To be exposed to the historical sights of Paris.

To have a better understanding about the trip please view the two videos below.